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Are you searching for flawless kitchen worktop installation in Wimbledon or Southfields? If you need worktop fitters who can seamlessly install your work surfaces, Olly London Worktop Fitter is the company to call.

With over three decades in the worktop fitting trade, Olly and his son Nathan provide a professional, efficient, and cost-effective service. So if you have bought a new kitchen from Ikea, B&Q, Howdens, Wren Kitchens, or any other kitchen company and need the finishing touches, we are here to help.

As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on our workmanship and the expertise we bring to every job. We can supply and fit all countertops, including compact laminate, solid wood, quartz, granite, and solid surface, to create your perfect kitchen.

We source all our worktops from leading countertop manufacturers, including Mistral, Minerva, Mirostone, Duropol, Durasein, Corian, WilsonArt, Slabtech, and Greenlam. Alongside new installations, we also provide worktop restorations, so if your countertops require a new lease of life, get in touch.

For more information about our services, please call 07815 996 812 or email info@ollylondon.co.uk.

Do you need solid surface worktops installed by Minerva specialists in Southfields or Wimbledon?

If you are looking for Minerva countertop installations in Southfields or Wimbledon or solid surface tops from other names, such as Mirostone and Mistral, our worktop installation team can fit them.

Solid surface worktops are robust, hygienic and offer excellent design flexibility. Ideal for domestic and commercial environments, these tops are easy to maintain and are inherently environmentally friendly.

Would you like new laminate worktops in Wimbledon, SW19?

We can supply and fit laminate countertops in Wimbledon from leading names such as WilsonArt, Axiom, Duropol, Greenlam, and Spectra. Our professional laminate fitters take great pride in their work, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient worktop installation. Most laminate worktops take just a day to fit.

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen or want to give it a quick makeover, the cost will likely be a significant consideration. Laminate tops are one of the most inexpensive materials and are easy to repair and replace.

Functional and premium compact laminate worktops fitted in Wimbledon

If you are looking to add value to your kitchen in Wimbledon, compact laminate countertops are versatile, durable, and easy to clean. Sometimes called solid laminate, these worktops are highly robust and come in an array of contemporary patterns, designs, and textures.

We source our compact laminate work tops from Greenlam Compact, Bushboard Evolve,  Zenith Compact, Aria, and other top brands. In addition, our Zenith worktop fitters can advise you regarding the right worktops for your needs.

Granite or quartz Wimbledon worktop installers

Natural materials like granite and quartz offer a luxury and premium finish to all countertops in Wimbledon. Your worktops are always on show, and these materials provide a consistently popular option for worktops.

Quartz countertops are made from natural quartz, resins, and polymers to create tops in a wide range of textures and finishes. These countertops are non-porous, so make them a hygienic option.

Granite continues to be a top choice for worktops in bespoke kitchens. They are 100 per cent natural, hard-wearing, and available in hundreds of colours.

Solid wood worktops installed by Wimbledon worktop fitters

Are you looking for natural material for your worktops? The kitchen industry has countless composite materials, but solid wood remains a highly desired option. Our worktop fitters supply and install solid oak worktops in Wimbledon, alongside other materials, including Beech. Bamboo and Iroko. 

Wooden countertops are unique, and each worktop will offer natural beauty and appeal. Solid wood tops also get better with age as they wear over time.

Cost-effective worktop restoration by work top specialists in Wimbledon

When your worktop is damaged, it is easy to panic and think that you might have to replace the whole installation. However, in many cases, worktops can be repaired and restored. Our worktop fitters in Wimbledon can offer seamless repair systems for all countertops to restore them to their former glory.

For recommendations from existing customers about our worktop installations and repairs, please see our Checkatrade.com reviews.

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