Granite Worktops

Granite worktops can be a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Granite is a natural material that is suitable for all kitchen layouts. It is a crystalline rock that comprises mostly quartz, which gives its signature glossy aesthetic and hardness. Consistently popular, it is hard-wearing, durable, and long-lasting and wonderful material for all worktops.

Granite is most loved for its luxury appearance and it suits both modern and traditional property and kitchen styles. Whether your worktops are part of a new renovation or a completely new kitchen, our team can install them for you.

Benefits of granite worktops

Natural aesthetics

Granite is formed over millions of years by natural minerals, so every piece is unique. Due to its slow crystallisation, it has a desirable high-shine finish. A stunning granite island can add real visual appeal and a feature to any kitchen.


Granite worktops are very scratch and heat resistant and will stand the test of time. Generally darker granites are non-porous, so will not let water in and will scratch less easily than lighter granite surfaces. Unlike man-made materials, granite worktops are expected to last a lifetime.

Add value

Granite is considered a luxury worktop material that will always add value to your property. Granite worktops are classic and timeless and when kitchens sell homes, having a granite worktop can really add appeal. They do not depreciate in value, so if you plan to sell your home in the future, you can feel confident that your worktops will be an attractive addition.


You can buy granite worktops in all colours from whites to bright blues. These worktops are available in many different textures, to suit the appearance of your property and fit in with any colour scheme.

Low maintenance

Granite worktops are easy to maintain and clean making them much less likely to harbour germs or become a breeding ground for bacteria. Materials like wood and marble are more porous making them harder to clean. The cleanliness of your worktops can be maintained with regular wipe-downs using warm water.


Granite worktops are a more eco-friendly and sustainable choice than other worktops and engineered materials. It is mined and extracted in its original state, so does not require much additional work to prepare it for fitting. Granite is a great choice is you are looking for an all-natural material.

Granite worktop fitting and aftercare

Our granite worktop installers will ensure a seamless installation of your new granite worktops and it can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. It is extremely heavy, so it is important that you use a professional to fit it. Olly London Workshops has over three decades of experience in fitting granite worktops.

Granite is extremely durable but it can scorch if hot items are placed on it, so avoid putting hot pans directly onto it and use coasters with hot drinks. It is also good practice to use a chopping board to avoid stains and knives coming into contact with your worktop.

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