Solid Wood Worktops

Solid wooden worktops offer timeless beauty, character and a smooth surface. Olly London Workshops are worktop fitting specialists with over three decades of experience in the trade.

With a background in cabinet making and joinery, we can offer exceptional wooden worktop fitting throughout Surrey, London, Kent, and the South East.

We can fit all types of wood, including Oak, Beech, Ash, Iroko, Cherry, Bamboo, and Birch. Wooden worktops feature all the natural grains and patterns running through them for a unique finish, and they look wonderful in traditional and contemporary kitchens alike.

Benefits of solid wooden worktops


No pieces of wood are the same, so each worktop will have its own unique character and appearance. This makes solid wooden surfaces ideal for any number of applications and styles. Wood has a natural warmth that is always appealing and never goes out of style.


Wood is long-lasting, and its appearance and character are enhanced as it ages over time. Some materials will naturally degrade and start to look shabby over time, but this is never the case with solid wood that always looks better with age.

Easily restored

One of the main benefits of wood is that it can be restored easily if it is scratched or dented with simple sanding. Stains and scuffs can also be quickly polished out, unlike other materials that are not so easy to make good.

Strong & robust

Wood is naturally strong and robust, and solid wood worktops are constructed in a way that means they can withstand a lot of weight and pressure without cracking.


Are you concerned about germs and bacteria in your kitchen? All wood contains natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which make wooden surfaces hygienic to use. Providing your look after your wooden surfaces, they will remain in an excellent condition.


Solid wooden worktops are the closest to the natural world, so it is much easier to make environmentally friendly choices.

Solid wooden worktop fitting and aftercare

Our team will complete any worktop installation efficiently using specialist machinery to achieve precise cuts.

To keep your wooden worktops in good condition, wipe them down regularly with warm, soapy water. Avoid scouring pads and chemical cleaners as these products might damage the wood. To prevent the surfaces from getting damaged, use surface protectors when placing hot dishes onto them. Wipe up any spills immediately so they do not stain the wood.

Your wooden worktops must be oiled regularly to add depth and character. Wood is a natural material, and this will ensure a long and super-smooth finish. The top and side of your solid wooden surfaces should be treated. It is generally recommended to treat wooden surfaces with oil once a week for the first six weeks and then around once every three months to maintain it and keep them looking good.

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