Solid Surface Worktops

Olly London is a solid surface worktop installation specialist.

This type of worktop material offers an alternative to natural materials or laminates.

These worktops look fantastic in kitchens and bathrooms and will last a long time.

What are solid surface worktops made from?

Solid surface worktops are constructed from a mixture of man-made acrylics blended with colourings and natural minerals to create a stone-like appearance and design flexibility at a more cost-effective price point.

They will also be stronger than the natural stone from which they are produced.

Our team combine time-served craftsmanship with technology to create a fantastic finish.

We install all solid surface worktops, but common brands include Mistral, Mirostone, Metzo, Artemis and Minerva. These surfaces are extremely popular with homeowners, architects, and designers.

Benefits of solid surface worktops


Solid surface worktops are exceptionally strong so that they can cope with everyday use. They are resistant to scratches, high temperatures and stains from food, drink, oil, and other spills. They have a lifespan of over ten years.


Solid surface worktops are completely non-porous, making them easy to maintain and hygienic. They are resistant to dirt, bacteria, and mould, and they will not retain liquids and dirt, so they are easier to look after.

Seamless joins

Solid surfaces are created to measure your kitchen perfectly. They can be glued, joined and sanded to appear as one seamless piece of material that can offer fantastic design potential. They can also be angled to fit any kitchen and meet all dimensions.

Maintains colour

Your solid surface worktop will maintain its colour over time. The colour is stable under UV light and heat, so it will never fade. As a result, they will have a uniform appearance, which cannot be altered.


If you look after your solid surface worktops, they will last over time. On the rare occasion that part of your worktop becomes damaged, a new piece can be added to blend in with the rest of the surface. They are inherently environmentally friendly.

Range of colours

Solid surface worktops are available in a host of colours, tones and designs to suit any kitchen and interior. They can be customised to suit.

Solid worktop fitting and aftercare

Our worktop installation specialists can ensure a seamless installation of your new solid surface worktops. These are fitted with almost inconspicuous joints, allowing for a smooth and elegant finish.

Our team can also offer advice about the best way to care for your surfaces, including using mats when chopping or placing hot dishes down. It is important to keep your surfaces clean, using a damp cloth and warm water.

Free consultation

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Our worktop specialists will complete your worktop installation to the highest standards, with most jobs completed in one working day. Just leave it to us!

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