Compact Laminate Worktops

Are you searching for compact laminate worktop installers near you in Surrey or London? Olly London Worktops installs all compact laminate worktops. A relatively new product, compact laminate offs a technically advanced, practical and durable finish.

We fit worktops from Zenith Compact, Greenlam Compact, Bushboard Evolve, Aria, Egger, and other major brands.

What are compact laminate work surfaces made from? Compact laminate worktops, sometimes called solid laminate worktops, are made in the same way as ordinary laminate worktops by dipping layers of kraft paper in resin, except they do not have a chipboard substrate in the middle. They are manufactured in a single slab, and additional layers are added to the surface until it meets the desired thickness.

Our expert worktop fitters are in hand to cut and fit your worktops using the latest tools and machinery.

Benefits of compact laminate worktops

Durable & Robust

Compact laminate worktops offer high strength and durability. The core is indestructible and completely waterproof, so this material is ideal for wet and high-traffic areas, such as kitchens. They are also designed to withstand impact and scratches.

Design flexibility

Thanks to technological advances, compact laminate worktops offer design flexibility. They can be constructed to mimic natural materials, such as solid wood, marble, metal, or other patterns, offering endless design and style possibilities. This means that you are sure to find a design that suits your kitchen and taste.


Compact laminate worktops are effortless to clean, and compared to other worktop surfaces, they are very easy to maintain. The surface is sealed under heat and pressure, so a wipe-down with warm and soapy water will be enough to clean them, making them an ideal choice for busy homes.

Sleek and stylish

Compact laminate worktops have a naturally slim finish making them an elegant and stylish choice for many homeowners looking for a modern and contemporary aesthetic. They can also be integrated with modern features, such as built-in in-drainer groves and under-mount sinks.


Compact laminate worktops can be designed to look like natural materials like wood, granite, quartz, or marble but for a fraction of the price. Generally speaking, laminate and compact laminate worktops cost a lot less to purchase and install than some other materials.

Easy to repair

If your compact laminate surface has been scratched or damaged in any way, these worktops can be easily and affordably repaired.

Compact laminate worktop fitting and aftercare

If you are looking for sleek and stylish worktops, compact laminate worktops could be the answer. Our worktop installers can come and fit your new worktops using the latest tools and ensure an excellent fit. This worktop material removes the need for edging strips, saving both time and money.

Compact laminate does not require much maintenance to keep it looking good. Keep your tops clean by wiping them down regularly with a soft microfibre cloth. Always use a chopping board when using knives and boards or trivets when placing hot plans down on the surface.

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