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How can you choose the perfect worktops? Our skilled worktop installation fitters in Wandsworth or Clapham can offer advice or guidance at any stage.

Our kitchen worktop fitting specialists know that the worktops can be the focal point of any kitchen. We supply and install worktops constructed from laminate, compact laminate, solid wood, quartz, granite, and solid surface worktops materials.

Worktops play an important role in the preparation of food and the aesthetic of your kitchen. We specialise in installing worktops from all leading brands, such as Minerva, Duropal, Axiom, Egger, Stratus, Corian, WilsonArt, Slabtech, and Apollo.

We believe in affordability. You do not need to pay a high price to receive excellent service.

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Corian solid surface worktops installed in Clapham

The finishing touch to any Clapham or Wandsworth kitchen is the worktop. We can supply and fit solid surface worktops designed by Corian and other top brands, such as Minerva, Mirostone or Mistral. Solid surface worktops are an advanced option constructed from natural materials blended with acrylic polymers. Most brands come backed with comprehensive guarantees.

Solid surface tops are ideal for wet areas because they can be constructed in one seamless piece, and you can have an integrated sink in the same material. Solid surface countertops are available in many different colours and styles, from muted to bright tones.

Would you like laminate worktop fitting in Wandsworth, SW10

Generally a cheaper option than other worktop materials, laminate worktops have always been popular. We can supply and fit laminate tops in WilsonArt, Apollo, Spectra, Duropal and other names in Wandsworth.

Laminate is ideal for all kitchen areas, including where food is prepared and around sinks. It is resistant to most stains and is easy to maintain. The development of laminate worktops has advanced over recent years, and now laminate worktops can imitate many other material styles.

Get your dream kitchen with compact laminate worktops fitted in Balham

Would you like worktops from Apollo Compact, Bushboard Evolve,  Zenith Compact, or Aria? Make Olly London Worktop Fitter your first choice for compact laminate worktop fitting in Balham or Wandsworth. Compact laminate is constructed with layers of craft paper impregnated with resin in a process known as polymerisation.

Compact laminate worktops are water-resistant and highly durable. These worktops are an excellent choice for customers on a budget, and they come in many style options and are often indistinguishable from natural stone and timber.

Are you thinking about quartz or granite worktop installations in Wandsworth?

Top-end and luxury quartz worktops are made from engineered stone that goes through a unique manufacturing process combining ground natural quartz with resins, polymers and colour pigments. Quartz tops are completely non-porous and ultra-hygienic, so they are easy to clean and resistant to heat, water, bacteria and stains. They come in a range of colours, textures, and patterns.

Stylish and beautiful, granite has long been heralded as the ultimate worktop material. Granite is tough and durable and can withstand pots and pans being placed directly onto the surface. It is also low maintenance and will repel bacteria and stains. So not only do they look fantastic, but granite worktops will always increase the value of your home.

Solid wood worktops fitted for timeless appeal in Wandsworth

The appearance of solid wooden worktops in the kitchen always provides an additional character and style. Wooden worktops will improve with age as the word matures and the surface develops a unique gloss or sheen, causing the colours to deepen.

We can install all wooden worktops, including oak, maple, cherry, Iroko and walnut.

Worktop repairs and restoration technicians Wandsworth

Worktops and countertops are prone to damage. If your worktops in Wandsworth have dents, chips, scorch marks or scratches and you do not know what to do, please call the team at Olly London Worktop Fitter. We have been repairing worktops for over 30 years using innovative repair techniques.

We can bring your countertops back to life, so they look almost like new. We use state-of-the-art equipment and excellent materials to provide a flawless finish. All repairs can be completed on-site for ease. See what our customers say about us on our reviews.

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We also supply and fit Minerva worktops in Croydon.