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Our professional installers specialise in kitchen worktops, and they offer on-site fitting services for solid surface, compact laminate, laminate, quartz, granite, and solid wood worktops near you. As a leading provider of kitchen worktop installations, Olly and his son Nathan take pride in being the preferred choice for installing or replacing any kitchen worktop.

Our skilled kitchen worktop installers are proficient in fitting all worktops for leading names. They provide competitive prices for their skilled workmanship and an unparalleled level of customer service.

Our focus lies solely on worktop installation and fitting. This specialist approach enables us to dedicate our attention to ensuring your worktop fits perfectly. We can also offer valuable advice to clients on suitable options within their budget. We source countertops from top names, including Zenith, Greenlam, Pietra, Karonia Minerva, Duropol, WilsonArt, Slabtech, and others.

We work with solid surface, laminate, compact laminate, quartz, granite, and other surfaces to provide your perfect aesthetic at the right price.

Whether you need worktops for your home or commercial premises, we can meet your design requirements. We work with all top-name brands, such as Minerva, WilsonArt, Durasein, Zenith, Mistral, Mirostone, Duropal, Karonia, Slabtech, and Greenlam. We can supply and fit worktops to any specification.

We are always available to answer any questions about the process and guarantee a quality installation. As a result, we can ensure your dream kitchen becomes a reality. We are proud of our reputation, where much of our work comes from personal recommendations; please see our Checkatrade.com reviews.

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Do you need Minerva fitters Cranleigh?

If you are looking for solid surface worktop fitters, please call the team at Olly London Worktop Fitter. Solid surface worktops do not just possess an appealing aesthetic; their functionality is equally impressive. As a relatively recent addition to work surfaces, they are crafted using cutting-edge technology.

Despite their authentic appearance mimicking natural materials like stone, solid surface tops are composed of exceptionally fine materials, resulting in stunning visual appeal and smooth surfaces. We source our worktops from leading names, including Pietra, Mirostone, Metzo, Minerva,  and Mistral.

Please see our blog: Why choose Minerva worktops?

Dorking laminate counter top installation

Laminate kitchen worktops offer an attractive and cost-effective solution for budget-conscious households. Durable and resistant to stains and scratches, they are ideal for busy family kitchens.

Typically, these worktops consist of impregnated paper layers fused onto a wooden particle board core, with a decorative wrap-around layer and a moisture and heat-resistant coating. The edges are covered with laminate for added protection. We supply and fit countertops from WilsonArt, Axiom, Spectra, Duropol, and Greenlam.

Compact laminate worktops from Greenlam and other top brands fitted in Staines-upon-Thames

Compact laminate kitchen worktops are the perfect option for affordable solid-surface worktops. These worktops, also known as solid compact worktops, have a solid core, providing the worksurface with strength and high resistance to moisture.

Our compact surfaces are affordable and high quality, making them the ideal worktop and suitable for use with under mount sinks. We supply and fit Bushboard Evolve, Duropal, Zenith, and Greenlam worktops.

Granite and quartz countertops fitted to perfection Dorking

We recognise the incredible qualities of granite and quartz and have witnessed firsthand how effectively high-quality quartz and granite worktops can enhance the home.

Crafted from natural stone, granite worktops are renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal. In contrast, quartz worktops are engineered using a blend of natural quartz and resin, valued for their low maintenance requirements and an extensive array of colours and patterns.

Solid wood worktop installers Dorking

The enduring popularity of more traditional solid wood kitchen worktops remains significant, offering a versatile appeal that complements timeless country kitchens and contemporary designs with a natural touch, depending on your individual decor preferences.

Opting for natural materials provides the advantage of each wood species boasting its unique personality, featuring distinct grains, patterns, and characteristics that mature beautifully with age after proper oiling.

Affordable Dorking worktop repairs

Visible damage to your countertops can be frustrating and unsightly, and replacing worktops can be costly. Fortunately, thanks to our skilled team, there is no need to contemplate new countertops.

Our experts can meticulously clean, fill, repair or refinish any damaged areas, restoring your surface to a pristine condition without needing a complete replacement.

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Dorking in Surrey is renowned for its charming blend of historical charm and modern amenities. With a diverse range of residential properties, from quaint cottages to spacious family homes, we can provide the perfect countertops for all properties, with installation completed in as little as one working day.