Kitchen worktops are one of the most frequently used areas of the home. It’s where meals are prepared, vegetables are chopped, appliances are stored and tea is poured, so they can quickly become unsightly or damaged without regular care and attention.

A new kitchen worktop can transform the look and functionality of the space, so it’s worth investing in an upgrade if your existing surfaces are no longer up to the mark.

Here are some of the most common signs you need fresh kitchen counters installed.

Permanent stains

With a kitchen in constant use, countertops can build up a variety of stubborn stains, including wine, coffee, spices and scorches from hot trays and pans. Acidic foods can also cause worktop erosion over time if you don’t clean up spills quickly. While many treatments are available to tackle them, some old stains are tough to remove.

You should also regularly check underneath your counters to see if mould or mildew are forming, which could cause serious health issues and dark stains.

Tired of looking at less than perfect countertops? If you’re installing a new stain-resistant kitchen worktop, consider a material like quartz for your counters, known for its toughness.

Cracked or chipped kitchen surfaces

If your kitchen counters have visible cracks and chips across the surface, it’s time to replace them. Some materials, such as laminates and solid wood, can deteriorate over time without proper maintenance, especially if they’ve been damaged with knives and heavy-use items.

Worktop chips can ruin the overall look of an otherwise beautiful kitchen. They can also lead to unhygienic surfaces, as the cracks collect crumbs and dirt, which are missed when wiping down the countertops, leading to an accumulation of bacteria. It also means you’ll spend more time cleaning your kitchen.

Outdated kitchen worktops

If your kitchen was installed long ago or you’ve moved into a property and inherited old worktops, the room will often have a dated appearance. You may even be considering selling your home and want to ensure you get the offer you want.

While installing a whole kitchen can be costly, sometimes, refreshing the worktops is all that’s needed to breathe life into your kitchen. It’s easy to produce a completely new look by modernising outdated worktops. There are many options for creating the desired aesthetics, including traditional natural woods, realistic laminates and luxury granite countertops.

Speak to professional worktop fitters

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