The Worktops are manufactured to 25 mm thickness and are solid all the way through with no chipboard or other sub-frame present. This gives the Minerva worksurface huge amount of design flexibility but also impressive durability which makes them practically invulnerable under normal kitchen use.

Minerva work tops easily overshadow traditional options like granite with their incredible colour options, their ease of maintenance, simple installation and not mention the ability to be perfectly joined.

12 stunning colour options are available in the worktop product line, making it easy to find one that fits any kitchen decor perfectly.  Minerva is perfect for kitchens as they are 100% Hygienic being a non-porous surface, heat and stain resistant but also has the ability to be renewed, returning it to its original beauty after years of use.

White Minerva Solid Surface Worktop

White Minerva Solid Surface Worktop



The mistral Worktops range is manufactured by Karonia, a newcomer,

nonetheless quickly changing into a leader within the solid surface

worktop product. manufactured with an artificial material that fuses

an enhanced acrylic with natural mineral fillers, the mistral range of

work surfaces combine classic, timeless beauty with uncompromising

resilience and trendy technology.

Mistral was designed to have similar visual attributes to natural stone

worktops, but with none of the drawbacks. Developed with an eye for

aesthetic details, the Mistral range is the perfect addition to a kitchen

that is designed to stun the senses. This entire range comprises of

25 mm thick worktops that are 100% solid and have no Sub-frame like


The Non- porous material and the fact that no chipboard is present

ensures that there is no questions asked regarding usage in wet areas

and due to this it is a recommended material when considering Belfast

and under-mounted sinks. The seamless joints and superlative jointing

strength make these surfaces a better alternative to traditional work

surfaces like granite, it is more hygienic but also gives uninterrupted lines for a modern and sleek appearance. With over 20 colours to choose from, easy to maintain and uncompromising durability make Mistral work tops a great investment for any home.

Mistral Solid

Surface Worktops

and Upstand

Mistral Solid Surface Worktops and Upstands
Slabtech Solid Surface Worktop
Slabtech Solid Surface Worktop
Slabtech Solid Surface Worktop

Slab Tech is a true solid surface! No mdf sub-frame (Chipboard core) only composite material through the worktops thickness.  Quality meets class with Apollo Slab Tech worktops, fashioned out of polyester/polyacrylate resins and natural materials like crystalline quartz. With superlative designs, versatile applications and excellent performance in the long term, Slab Tech worktops are the ideal choice for both commercial and residential environments. If you are going to invest money in a work surface, the three main things that you need to look for are functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal. Apollo Slab Tech surfaces satisfy all these three requirements and offer a wide variety of designs.

Slab Tech is a solid 20 or 30mm thick solid surface worktop, which offers the warm and seamless look of standard solid surface with certain colours also having the added benefit of the appearance of natural stone. Slab Tech is available in modular blanks, or as bespoke installation. Seamless, inconspicuous joints and a resistance to mould, bacteria and mildew, are amongst its much sought after attributes.


Slabtech Solid Surface Worktop

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Slabtech Solid Surface Worktop

Mirostone surfaces have the durability and feel of natural stone with a much higher versatility and practicality, combined with ability to achieve desired affects and looks with far less effort than before. Besides mimicking the look of natural stone worktops, it is also cool to the touch - just like granite and quartz - but the installation is possible with only standard wood working tools.

For the busy home, and with emphasis on ease of maintenance and hygiene, you cannot go wrong with this product. It is a non-porous surface and has no mdf sub-frame, only solid surface material through the worktops thickness. All these properties make it 100% hygienic (Does not promote the growth of germs or mould), 100% Waterproof and Stain resistant. Some other attributes are being impact and heat resistant and making it possible to achieve seamless joints, resulting in a modern and uninterrupted kitchen style. With it being 100% Waterproof it is now perfect for undermounted sinks, not even hot steam from a dishwasher can affect this material.

Solid Surface Worktops