Laminate worktops are made of high density chipboard and then coated with plastic laminate. Currently, they are the most popular choice for worktops in the UK. They come in various sizes, colours and designs to help you achieve your desired look.  Their waterproof surface makes them easy to clean in case of a spill. They’re affordable and can easily fit within your budget. There is an array of options available to choose from such as matt, high gloss, honed, riven, standard and riverwash. There are also laminate worktops that mimic other effects such as granite and wood. Laminate worktops and surfaces range boast a fabulous spectrum of on-trend colours, designs and textures including unbelievably realistic wood and stone effects in a range of different lengths, thicknesses and profiles. With hundreds of laminate worktop designs, you're certain to find the perfect solution for all of your project needs. Laminate countertop designs are available with a number of premium finish options, too: From traditional matte and glossy finishes to abstract textures, you can create a custom look for every surface.


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